“Yabancı” is an installation which was part of a collective exhibition named “bkz. Darağaç” (meaning: See Darağaç, as in dictionary) that took place in İzmir/Turkey, on September 2017.

About the exhibtion:

“The sequel of 'Darağaç | bu arada' exhibition which was first held in june last year, meets the audience at the same area, Umurbey District with the name 'bkz. darağaç'. Darağaç is the former name of this quarter which was effaced in its dark past. Along with the artists, the residents participate in the exhibition with their site-specific productions, as well. Exhibition spreading throughout the district both indoors and outdoors promises new rhetorics considering arts, neighbourhood and dynamics of urban life.”

About the work:

Yabancı / The stranger / Alien, consists of 4 pieces that are linked with a chain and a circular/monotone sound piece which counterbalances the weight of material works. The page that the visitor immediately faces, is a transcript of the encounter between an anonymus medium and a being from another place/dimension. The text is written in Turkish and the first four lines are as follows:

“I come from a place that you do not have a name for.
Our substance has no density.
We live inside masses such as your brain energy.
Our shape is spherical...”

Attached next, are two black water marbled canvases using traditional Ebru technique and finally an engraving made using the aquatint process first, then etching to reveal the ghostly apparition.

This work is a double agent, as I have been a cultural double agent throughout my life. Having two identity always made me wonder: to which culture do I actually belong? It made me feel alienated in all occasions. As a result I wanted to create an alienated environment for those who always felt at home within that culture/neighbourhood. Also, passed beyond cultural alienation, I also wanted to point out to a state of self alienation, to the mediumnic state which suggests a presence other than the self.